2018  Dates are on the Calendar

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Co-create your herbal education with PrairieWise

PrairieWise Herbal School focuses on integrated herbalism and offers apprenticeships that provide hands-on herbal and plant spirit medicine, including plant chromatics.  The school offers practical everyday uses for plant remedies.  This year PrairieWise will be on a vagabond journey to discover more plants on the prairie.  

To truly know a plant, we must be in relationship with the plant and the planet that brought this life into existence.  The plant will tell us how to use it for food,  medicine and reconnection.  Within the school we explore the essence of the plant from  integrated  viewpoints including shamanic studies, scientific research, folkloric uses, eclectic medicine, modern western herbalism and plant chromatics.


Weed walk in the Meadow

Celebrating 22 Years of Herbal Education in the Heartland

This year PrairieWise will meet in a variety of locations, indoors and out.  Locations will be announced as each is confirmed via our communication links and will be less than one hour from downtown Kansas City.  We are also excited that we will be colaborating with a number of local herbalist to deepen our understanding. of this vast prairieland.  We will travel to far away places (Minnesota) to learn about these areas, focus on tree medicine and camp cooperatively.


PrairieWise School is dedicated to the ongoing journey of the earth, plants and all beings with an emphasis on plant medicines and plant energetic patterns.  We are committed to growing knowledgeable herbalists that contribute to a culture of healing with their families and in their communities.   


2018 NEWS

PrairieWise Herbal School is focusing on inclusion in 2018 by offering one Spring Intensive and one Autumn Intensive with Regina Compernolle, Sacred Earth Arts, herbalist, drummer, and wisewoman at her urban farm, Dogwood Forest.  These are all school events that help each student connect with the other program's participants and create inclusion.  

We will also be hosting PrairieHeart Intensive in June.  We are currently in discussions for our guest speaker and will announce it as soon as it is finalized.  

This year Director, Kahla Wheeler-Rowan will be hosting Women of the Mesa, a women's only retreat in New Mexico with Pam Romero, Annaleah Brown and Regina Compernolle.  This is a camping event that allows for deep connection within vast spaces.  

More announcements will be made as the year progresses.


Medicine for the New Earth:  The Role of Plant Chromatics in Evolutionary Change

placeholder image for Plant Chromatics BookMedicine for the New Earth:  The Role of Plant Chromatics in Evoluationary Change is a book being written by Kahla Rowan.  It is about the integrated relationships of all nature and each being's unique color spectrum within the living world.  It shows us how plants are creating evoluntary change.


Goals for PrairieWise Students

Bringing Nourishment: We seek optimum nourishment, deep richness and ever-increasing wholeness for ourselves and others. We share our bountiful harvests and provide great feasts. We preserve food and medicine for this year and the next.

Making Medicine: We make remedies from dried, fresh and preserved herbs. We make medicine with our unique holographic selves. We learn the ancient ways of our ancestors and the modern ways of science. We feel ancient rhythms and modern songs.

Teaching Others: We reach out to one another for help, information and support. We look to one another for guidance, challenge and trust. We give to one another our knowledge and understanding by first listening and then clearly communicating.

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Nursery Boxes

Community Service: We provide conscientious, heartfelt care to those seeking herbal care.