About Kahla Wheeler

Kahla giving a prairie walk

Kahla Wheeler-Rowan is an herbalist, teacher, lecturer, author, gardener, metaphysician and singer working in integrated healing traditions with a focus on nutrition, simpler methods and plant chromatics.  Using hands-on, experiential programs, she helps students explore the herbal world and allows them to find their truth with the plants.

She is the founder and primary instructor for PrairieWise Herbal School.  She offers workshops, herbal certification, a simple home herbalist program and a 3-year in-depth practical study program, plus weed walks and cooking classes.  Kahla is deeply committed to the community and offers workshops for local colleges, volunteer groups and recreation services.

She is currently working on Plant Chromatics, a ever evolving way of looking at chakra energy and plant interaction using the Akashic Record as source and resource.  This work is soon to be published under the title Medicine for the New Earth, The Role of Plant Chromatics in Evolutionary Change.  She has written all materials for PrairieWise Herbal School and has published the Basic Herbalism 1 Workbook.  Basic Herbalism 2 Workbook and Basic Nutrition Workbook.

Kahla's father, Michael Beach, was a major influence in her life.  Beach studied herbalism through the Dominion School and Kahla helped him do his homework when she was in her early teens.  This work enabled her to trust herbal medicine as she raised her two children, Echo and Jake. 

While living in Hawaii in the mid-seventies, Kahla studied with local herbalists and wise women using herbal medicine for common complaints and utilizing the "free" food available in a tropical environment.  Crabbing, seaweed collection, wildcrafting fruits and nuts and growing an extensive garden helped to feed a growing family.

Kahla has studied with a variety of of herbal and metaphysical teachers including Susun Weed, Harry Palmer, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Ayesha Ashley, Tierrona Low Dog, Jerry Rothermel, Matthew Wood (informally) and many others.  She continues to participate in conferences and festivals to learn new and old ways of using herbal medicine.

Kahla is available for private consultations.  Call her at 913-704-7558 or email to prairiewise@gmail.com for paperwork and appointment times.