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Basic Herbalism I Workbook

This workbook is an adventure into the basics of herbalism.  It is self-paced to allow for the  maximum in experience and convenience. This simple foundation sets the tone for future classes and helps the budding herbalist learn individual plants using multiple disciplines. Cost: $60 book alone, $400 as a correspondence course.


 If taken as a correspondence course, you are provided workbook review, additional exercises and up to 3 hours of private phone time with Kahla Rowan.


Basic Herbalism II Workbook

The journey continues in the second workbook that concentrates on a variety of subjects relating to plant medicine. We look at aromatherapy, flower essences, and homeopathy.  Each chapter takes the student onward toward an understanding of plant chromatics.


This workbook is also available as a correspondence course with exercises and private phone time.  The cost of the workbook is $75 and $525 as a correspondence course.




Medicines for the New Earth: The Role of Plant Chromatics in Evolutionary Change

Evolution is an ongoing, ever-present stage of development for the earth, plants, animals and humans.  Medicines for the New Earth is a history of energetic medicines including aromatherapy, flower essences, homeopathy and introduces the new concept of Plant Chromatics.  Plant Chromatics uses the plant energy evidenced by their auras and when used in small doses within the body, provides an alignment with the evolutionary change of the chakra system. 

The book is currently still in galley form.  Galleys of the book are available for $20.