Plant Chromatics

Excerpt from Medicines from the Earth:  The Role of Plant Chromatics in Evolutionary Change

Chapter 1  Why are We Here?

Philosophers have always asked the question, "Why are we here?"  But I think that Lewis Carroll said it best in Through the Looking Glass, "It's more like a corkscrew than a path."  Yet the corkscrew must start somewhere and the path brings organization, definition and boundaries.

The work of Plant Chromatics is a corkscrew path into the future of energetic herbal medicine.  It offers a framework for understanding new treatments based on human chakras and plant auras.  Working with universal energies, Plant Chromatics provides a guidepost for evoluationary change.

Before we begin this journey, we need to look at the thread of continuity that exists in various forms of physiological, emotional and energetic medicine.  This thread acts as the corkscrew path toward full utilization of cosmic energy and the evolutionary leap that is currently taking place.  Beginning with the Art of Aromatherapy provides a bridge between that which is physical and that that is energetic.  The corkscrew path leads us on through Flower Essences, Homeopathy, the Doctrine of Signatures and Beyond, and finally to Plant Chromatics.

This book is an eclectic and yet simple view of science, religion, medicine and philosohy.  In this text, these various belief systems are all one in the same; integrated, not separated.  I will focus on being inclusive in thought and flexible in theory.

Throughout, I ask that you not suspend your personal beliefs but rather integrate them into these new thoughts an broaden the framework of knowledge.  This inclusion of many schools of thoughts allows us to expand our awareness and therefore, our range of experience.  Experience is the great teacher; it fits into one of the reasons that we are here and to me, may be the only answer to the question.

Plant Chromatics in its most base form is the use of plant chakra energy for the treatment of misaligned chakra energy in humans.  Plants help our bodies remember what it has forgotten and reshapes this energy so that one might feel, act and be whole again.

The information of Plant Chromatics is somewhat new and for that reason, not all clinical evidence exists that it is effective or even all the various uses.  It is for this reason that I invite you to join our ongoing forum online.  We are collecting data on the usefulness of tyhe system and need the "provings" that your own work could provide.  See Appendix A for the format that is being used by all practitioners and other contact information.

I use the term "chromatic" because my experiences are primarily audio and only occasionally visual.  For that reason, sound and color are very important to me.  Look beyond the words and find the essence of the material.

Each chapter of the book takes us to a new location in helping humans using plant medicine.  So let us begin the corkscrew path that leads to understanding Plant Chromatics.


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