The Wise Woman Center The Wise Woman Center exists to reweave the healing cloak of the ancients. It is safe space for women who wish to explore their power and gain control over their own

Communiversity an extension of the University of Missouri, Kansas City (UMKC) offers workshops and classes on a variety of topics that interest the community including alternative healing and herbs. Kahla Wheeler and PrairieWise students both past and present offer classes on herbal topics. The annual Communiversity Health Fair offers a time to share the successes of the school with potential new students and to connect and network with others in the area offering healing modalities.

PenMarkPotionsPenmark Potions are intelligent oils. There is a thinking principle in place in the old 'herbals' that reflects a cognitive science, incorporating prayer, to focus the healing energy. We have summoned the plant devas and honor them with these herbal potions.

Crescent Springs in old Overland Park, KS offers herbs and oils. The shop is lovingly operated by Rev. Kat Lyman and Allison Neely sells books, crystals, candles and other related metaphysical items.

Green Angels Herbology

Steven Foster Group, Inc.

80 Acres